Jimmy Barnes

Jimmy Barnes was born as Jimmy Dixon Swan. He was born on April 28, 1956. He is an Australian musician who sings and writes songs. This Scottish-born artist comes from a family of musicians. His father is a prizefighter and his brother is a rock singer. He was actually not very interested in music and rock, but his brother who influenced and taught him how to sing. Jimmy is the vocalist of Cold Chisel and sometimes performs solo. These influences and experiences made him the most popular music artist of all time, with best-selling albums. The band Cold Chisel is always present in the top chart list and his solo performances always land on number one. He has the most album hits compared to any music artists in Australia. He has several children and always selects good baby names for them.

Missy Higgins

Melissa Morrison Higgins or otherwise known as Missy Higgins is one of the best pop singer, musician, songwriter and actor in Australia. She was born on August 19 1983. Her albums entitled The Sound of White during 2004 and On a Clear Night during 2007 are Australia’s number one albums during their respective years. Her top singles are “where I stood”, “Steer”, “The Special Two”, and “Scar”.  Music runs in her blood coming from a family of musicians from Melbourne. Since the age of 6, she already played the piano and she already start singing since she was 12. She wrote a song about one of her assignment when she was still at school. This song won in a radio competition. Because of this, she signed a recording contract for Eleven and Warner Bros. she has been winning so many awards since. During 2005, she was nominated for 7 more awards and won 5 of these nominations.

Daniel Johns

Born on April 22, 1979, Daniel Paul Johns or more popularly known as Daniel Johns is a famous musician, composer, pianist and guitarist. He is famous for being the front man of the band Silver Chair. He also became a member of The Dissociatives. During 2007, he was recognized as the number 18 most underrated guitarist in the list made by Rolling Stone.

Paul Kelly

Born on January 13, 1955, Paul Maurice Kelly, also known as Paul Kelly, Is an Australian musician who writes songs, sings, plays the guitar and plays the harmonica. He was the leader of different bands such as the Dots, the Messengers, The Coloured Girls and he has performed solo as well. His music is more on bluegrass to dub reggae. However, his main music is focused on rock, country, and straddle folk. His culture is more on the cultural background of Australia and the beautiful landscapes that the country has to offer. According to the Rolling Stone writer David Fricke, Kelly is the finest musician he has ever seen and his music is mysterious.

Kylie Minogue

Born on May 28, 1968, Kylie Ann Minogue is a famous Australian actress, songwriter and singer. She used to be a child star and she has roles in some of the best soap opera in Australian television. She became a musician during 1987. Her first single entitled Locomotion was the number one single in Australia for 7 weeks. That made her the highest selling single performer for the decade. The first 13 singles she made was always on the top charts of the United Kingdom.


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